Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gooseberry Ugh

Gooseberry-Cream Crumble

2 out of 5
After getting a very swanky fruit and veg market to order gooseberries in especially for this one, I was most dissappointed. There is a reason Nigella didn't put a picture of this one in the book. It looked like a cross between a tuna mornay and custard gone way wrong. The crumble part had way too much sugar so it just melted into the custard below, rather than forming a crust on top. Meanwhile, during cooking the gooseberries leached so much liquid out that the custard turned into soup. It was sweet enough to be edible but was not worth all of the effort.
I am really not sure what Nigella could do to fix this one, but it definitely needs to be sent back to the test kitchen.

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