Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Sweet Stuff

The update continues today with the sweet pies I've made recently.....

Key Lime Pie version 1
5 out of 5 !!!
This was so easy, a cheesecake style biscuit base, with lime egg custard filling. Spectacular!

Key Lime Pie version 2
5 out of 5
OK I am cheating here because the photo is actually of version 1 again, but I forgot to photograph the second one, and they did look almost identical. The only difference with version 2 is that it's a no bake pie, just condensed milk, cream and lime juice & zest. How easy is that! It almost doesn't count as cooking.

3 out of 5
It was never going to be easy to follow two complete successes, and I had high hopes for this pie, as it's something completely different. But alas, it was not that great. The pastry was very dry and really needed a topping of something more moist than just baked jam. I ate it with loads of cream to try and get it past my wind pipe. Not a good look. I think the cooking time in the recipe was slightly too long, as it was overcooked.
Apologies for the bad mobile phone photo

Rhubarb Tart
4.5 out of 5
As the recipe suggested, I made this across several days, which made it incredibly easy and so worth the effort. The cream cheese in the pastry makes it firm and with a slight tang, not a hint of that buttery shortcrust taste, which I do not like. The smooth cream cheese filling was perfect with the uber sweet rhubarb. I gifted a large version to a friend who's just had twin girls. They served up slices to all of their guests popping in to see the babies. Apparently it didn't last past the first few visitors. I also made a small version (in my mini pie tins) for Miss P and I. Deelish!
Not sure about the copyright rules but the recipe is reprintedhere

And now we are up to date.


Marianne said...

How did the first lime pie taste? I'm planning on making it too, yours looks wonderful!

knitannie said...

It tasted amazing! It's crazy how easy this is, given how delicious it is. The only issue was the base was super crumbly, so I'd advise adding more butter.